released the tobacco harm reduction report: in one year, the number of global e-cigarette users increased by 20% and the total number exceeded 82million

The report is based on survey data from 49 countries and obtained through data combination and screening from different sources.


Steam new force 2022-05-27 10:28

Knowledge · action · change (K · a · C), a famous public health academic organization, recently released the latest tobacco harm reduction report – “what is tobacco harm reduction” in 12 languages through its “global tobacco harm reduction” (gsthr). The contents introduced in detail the principles, history and scientific basis of tobacco harm reduction, an important public health strategy.

According to the latest gsthr data, from 2020 to 2021, the global e-cigarette users increased by 20%, equivalent to an increase from 68million in 2020 to 82million in 2021. Based on the survey data from 49 countries, the report is obtained through combination and screening of data from different sources (including the 2021 Eurobarometer 506 survey).

Tomasz Jerzy, gsthr data scientist ń For this report, ski emphasized the increasing use of e-cigarettes in specific regions. “In addition to the substantial growth in the number of global e-cigarette users, our research shows that in some countries in Europe and North America, nicotine e-cigarette products are also used rapidly. As a product that has been on the market for only more than ten years, the growth between 2020 and 2021 is particularly significant.”

According to the report, the largest e-cigarette market is the United States, worth US $10.3 billion, followed by Western Europe (US $6.6 billion), the Asia Pacific region (US $4.4 billion) and Eastern Europe (US $1.6 billion).

Professor Gerry Stimson, director of KAC and honorary professor of Imperial College London, said: “just as from the global tobacco harm reduction situation The latest data show that consumers find nicotine e-cigarettes very attractive and are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes around the world. You know, many countries have adopted prohibitive policies on e-cigarettes, and all follow the anti scientific position of the World Health Organization on reducing tobacco harm. In this environment, e-cigarettes can still grow significantly, which is very rare. ”

KAC publicly stated that e-cigarettes have always played a key role in reducing tobacco harm and smoking rate. In the UK, e-cigarettes are the most popular way to quit smoking. 3.6 million people use e-cigarettes, of which 2.4 million have completely quit combustible cigarettes. However, tobacco is still the largest single cause of preventable death in England. Nearly 75000 smokers died of smoking in 2019. Data show that nearly one in ten pregnant women smoked during childbirth. It is OK to end smoking, but it should rely on the use of a wide range of effective harm reduction products. From nicotine e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products to non tobacco nicotine bags and Swedish snuff, they should be available, available, appropriate and affordable.

The key to tobacco harm reduction lies in strong government support to ensure that marginalized and vulnerable groups can access relevant services. In terms of saving lives and protecting communities, the benefits of e-cigarettes will be obvious. Crucially, reducing tobacco harm is a very low-cost but effective strategy that does not require significant government spending because consumers bear the costs.

Post time: May-27-2022