FDA in Philippines hopes to regulate e-cigarettes: health products rather than consumer products


On July 24, according to foreign reports, the Philippine FDA said that the supervision of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette equipment and other heated tobacco products (HTP) must be the responsibility of the food and Drug Administration (FDA) and must not be transferred to the Philippine Department of trade and industry (DTI), because these products involve public health.

FDA made clear its position in its statement in support of the Ministry of Health (DOH) requesting the president to veto the electronic cigarette Act (Senate bill 2239 and House bill 9007), which transferred the basis of regulatory jurisdiction.

“DOH undertakes constitutional authorization through FDA, and protects the right to health of every Filipino by establishing an effective regulatory system.” The FDA statement said.

Contrary to the proposed measures, FDA said that electronic cigarette products and HTP must be regarded as health products, not consumer goods.

“This is especially because the industry is marketing such products as alternatives to traditional cigarettes, and some people even claim or imply that these products are safer or less harmful.” FDA said.

Post time: Jul-24-2022